Are you addicted to the Mobile?

Are you addicted to the Mobile?

Mobile technology has come to your hands due to the advancement of technology, but it depends on you too much. Not only this, but in many cases, you are also being used for mobile. So, a mobile company has started a separate campaign in this regard.

Motorola has started the campaign #phonelifebalance by this mobile company. Through this, they have begun to warn the users in a way. ‘You are the owner of a mobile, mobile is not your owner.’ Under this tagline, Motorola has launched #phonelifebalance campaign on social media.

Even after four people have gathered together, almost everyone is busy in this phone. It is necessary to reduce the number of these things. Recognizing this, Motorola has taken the new step. Frequent phone checking, continuous phone holdings are the symptoms of phone calls.

But do you go to the phone or not? Motorola has brought a special ‘Quiz’ (questionnaire) to check this. In this, some different questions have been asked about the use of phone for users. After answering these questions, you will get an immediate reply to the number of calls made to the phone. There are different levels for this. If you reach the fifth level, then you are sure that the phone has been a huge hit.

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